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Name:Dear Journal
Posting Access:Anybody
Dear_Journal is a pan-fandom dressing room type game. Characters post to the community as if they were posting to their own journals about life, the universe, or their socks and the community acts as their reading page.

We allow anyone. Canon characters. Duplicate of canon characters. Original Characters. Alternate Canon Characters, Canon Original Characters. Your socks. They’re all welcome in Dear_Journal.

The idea is to give your characters a place to just talk about whatever comes to their mind about whatever is happening in their lives. This could be in their “in game” lives or canon lives or something odd you felt like they should talk about. It’s a place to talk about things where they might not normally get the chance to.

Want to play? Great! Join up or comment on someone else’s post! That’s it.


1. All posts must be done in a prose format. The characters are writing in their journals, not posting video to a network or out and about somewhere. Inside the comments characters can move into action if they wish, but initial posts must be in prose format.

2. Spoilers, extra long posts, and graphic material must be put behind a cut. Please take actual sex to personal journals.

3. Don’t control other people’s characters without their permission. If a player is godmoding, please report it here.

4. Don’t be a jerk! This community is intended to be easy going. We have a firm no tolerance view in regards to trolling, harassment, and otherwise creating a toxic environment. If a player is being a jerk, please report it.

If you have any problems please contact the mods at [personal profile] d_jmods.

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